Fair Rate: a three-way agreement between you, us and the Planet

It´s been a while since our last English post. Now, for all of you expats living in Spain and English speakers of all kinds, we´re preparing a series of posts about Holaluz´s most important features. Let´s start with our brand new electricity rate, the Fair Rate.

We´re sure you already checked the English version of our website, and maybe you´ve read about our new Fair Rate there, but in this post we want to explain the details. We´ve told you that our new proposal is Spain´s first electricity unlimited flat rate but… why? And what do we mean by “responsible use”? Or “agreement between you, us and the Planet”? Let´s try to shed some light :)

How does the Fair Rate work?

As we said, the Fair Rate main characteristic is that´s an unlimited flat rate, in fact, the first real one in Spain. But why do we say that? Probably you´ve heard about that kind of rates before in other companies, but they´ve been always constricted to some kind of limit: a certain amount of kWh, some defined hours, a pre-defined price… Our Fair Rate is truly flat because you can use as much energy as you need, no matter the time, without a pre-defined basis of kWh or price, but paying your own personalized fee every month.

In order to determine your monthly fee, we consider your consumption of the last months, (best case scenario, the last 12) and the kW of power in your electric installation. The Flat Rate (as all of our rates) it´s both for actual Holaluz customers and the ones to be, and since all electricity companies have access to consumption information of all supply points in the country, our system is able to calculate a personalized fee for everyone with this data.

If you´re a client, maybe you´ve already received an email with your suggested fee (if you don’t, you can call us or write an email) and if you aren´t with us yet, you can calculate it only by writing your address here:

Discover your flat rate

If the result doesn’t seem to fit to your average monthly electricity bill, contact us and we can take a closer look (maybe now we don´t have enough information but we will! :) ).

The fee we finally set will be the only thing you´re gonna pay: without penalties, without balancing between what you pay and what you really used every 12 months (as in our No Surprises rate) and without being worried by how many kWh you´ve used. With that said and quoting Spiderman´s Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility and that´s the only thing we ask of you.

What´s the three-way agreement about?

The keys of the Fair Rate are responsibility and trust. Our customers have been trusting on us so far, choosing us for some reason amongst all the other companies, and we want to give that trust back.

That´s why we know we can set a monthly fee and take for granted that you´re gonna use the energy you need and nothing else. And we trust you to do so, not for fearing the bill anymore but for the Planet. If you are an Holauz customer you know how important sustainability is for us, so we´re never going to do anything that doesn’t go in that direction.

With this rate, the idea is to simplify your life and giving you the tranquility of knowing you don’t have to switch off the children´s light at night if they need it to sleep or use the air-conditioning during a heat wave. We know that you´re not going to buy 50 computers and start mining bitcoins the day before you have Fair Rate or leave the heating on when you leave for the weekend. If these situations do happen, we´re gonna need to talk with you and find a better solution. All in all, we only expect you´re responsible with the Planet by using the amount of energy you need, without bills being a painful thing in your life and charging a certain, fair, 100% controlled amount for them, nothing more, nothing less.

All these things make this rate the most fair we can offer and are key to call it a three-way agreement between you, us and the Planet, in which everyone has its rights and commitments

What do you think about it? Deal? ;)

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