Fixing the future 2019: Biodiversity, food, cities, climate crisis and more

Today is the day. Fixing the future starts at CCCB, in Barcelona. Two days of shared knowledge in order to learn how to fix the future from now on.

Holaluz and Atlas of the future proudly present the second edition of Fixing the future, a two day event in which more than 45 speakers will show us projects and organizations that are already changing the future. Impossible? As an electricity company which goal is connecting people to green energy we´re so used to that word. As much as we are to overcome it. Here´s how Fixing the Future changemakers plan to do it.

Biodiversity and oceans

This two may be the most endangered items, not only in the future but right now. With flora and fauna species disappearing, whole ecosystems changing radically and the sea being full of plastic and other polluting materials, the future of biodiversity and oceans feels disheartening.

Two main conferences will try to offer solutions to change that on Fixing the Future:

  • Biodiversity: protecting the natural world (Saturday 8 June 15:45)  

Hosted by Cathy Runciman, Atlas of the Future co-founder, in this talk we´ll have speakers such as Dr Lin Li or Zakiya Mckenzie.

Dr Li is WWF International´s Global Policy and Advocacy Lead with over 30 years of experience in sustainability and biodiversity conservation in China and Worldwide.

Zakiya Mckenzie is a writer and cultural agent, first Bristol´s  ‘Green & Black Ambassador’ and Forestry England´s Writer in the Forest, working with African- Caribbean communities and encouranging natural conservation.

  • Oceans: save our seas (Saturday 8 June 17:30)

This talk will start with a keynote of one of the key speakers of the event, Dr Easkey Britton. Scientist and surfer, she works leading several projects such as Like Water or Wavemaker Collective for connecting people and oceans in order to create social change.

The host, Ed Gillespie, is Greenpeace UK Board Director, sustainable businesses entrepreneur and co-founder of Futerra, creative agency and consultancy based on sustainability.

Food and farming

Food waste, farming processes, our relation with what we eat… all this and much more will be discussed on three inspirating conferences with some of the best chefs, food experts and farmers in the world.

  • Chefs leading change (Friday 7 June 11:00)

Alex Atala, another key speaker, will lead the way with his keynote. South America´s number one chef, owner of São Paulo restaurant D.O.M (one of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 13 years) and named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people, he promotes brazilian indigenous ingredients with his main project, Atá Institute.

Bee Wilson, UK´s most influential food writer and chair of TasEd, an education program to help children build wider tastes, will be the host.

  • Food: how we produce what we eat (Friday 7 June 12:45)

Keynote by Jyoti Fernandes, promoter of regenerative farming and peasant agriculture, campaigner with La Via Campesina and founding member of farms cooperative Landworkers Alliance.

Hosted by Abby Rose, another star speaker on Fixing the Future, physicist-farmer chosen by The Observer newspaper and Nesta as one of 2018’s New Radicals, helping small farmers and sharing their voice as co-host of Farmerama podcast.

  • Food: how we eat what we produce (Saturday 8 June 12:45)

This will be the «mirror» conference to the previous one. Another chance to meet Bee Wilson plus experts as Jock Zonfrillo, 2018 Basque Culinary World Prize winner, specialized on bringing back native Australian ingredients and knowledge as responsible for the keynote and hosted by Ricard Martín, Time Out Bcn Food & Drink editor since 2008.

Cities and waste

As obsessed as we are with smart cities, we´re specially eager for this ones:

  • Cities: for humans and nature (Friday 7 June 15:45)

As Vicente Guallart says, “Cities are the places where most C02 is produced, so the fight for climate should start in cities”. This architect will be sharing keynote and all his knowledge about local self-sufficiency and future city prototyping with Carolyn Steel, also architect, BBC presenter and TEDGlobal speaker, specialized in cities and food and profiled by The Ecologist magazine as a “21st Century Visionary”.

All will be hosted by another architect, Areti Markopoulou, Academic Director of IAAC Barcelona, working on pairing architecture and digital technologies.

  • Waste: designing a circular economy (Friday 7 June 17:30)

Circular economy is a must if we want a sustainable world and Ismaël Essome Ebone, who will kick this conference with his keynote, has mastered this with Madiba & Nature, a project in which plastic bottles are turned into canoes.

Liz Corbin, Research Director at  consultancy think tank Metabolic and creator of Materiom, a sort of materials recipe book with sustainable ingredients and processes, will be the host.

Climate crisis

  • Climate: justice, activism & resilience (Saturday 8 June 11:00)

They are in the limelight on worldwide news and of course, also in Fixing the Future. The BCN chapter of young activists movement Fridays For Future (Fridays For Future BCN) will lead this talk sharing their experience on how “People Have The Power” is much more than a Patti Smith song.

John Elkington a pioneer of the global sustainability movement and founder of corporate advisors Volans. will be hosting this thrilling meeting between them and other climate activists.

Transversal conferences, workshops and screenings

Plus, we´re specially proud to have Carlota Pi, president and co-founder of Holaluz, on The Regeneration Game: future-proofing our economies, societies and environment (Friday 7 June 19:00), a conversation between her, Cristina Kenz, Marketing Vice President of Danone (largest BCorp company) and John Elkington.

With that talk we´ll end the first day of the event and the second one will close with Culture and creativity: intergenerational wisdom & action (Saturday 8 June), an activism celebration conference with 6 experts on solving local problems with the locals themselves, such as Agamemnon Otero and Wilhemina Stewart, responsibles for community projects involving solar energy like Repowering London or Banister House Solar.

And if all this is not enough on Fixing the Future you´ll find workshops, special screenings and other side events, all listed here.

As co-organizers and sustainability obsessed beings, we´re going to be at front row this two days, telling you all about the speakers, their projects and all in between on our social networks, specially on Twitter and Instagram so stay tunned!

And remember, yo can start fixing the future too, for example by producing your own solar energy at home :) Selfconsumption

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