Influential women in technology and science today (I)

At Holaluz, we are huge science and tech freaks, and we like to always have a worlwide vision of those subjects. Plus, we work to make the role of women as visible as it deserves to be, specially in those areas.

Those reasons had lead us to make our first english blog post (also the first of several related with lead women in tech), in order to spread the word globally about some of the most influential women in technology and science worlwide. Often forgotten or, at least, a lot less known that their male colleagues, those women are working in top class companies and projects, from super interesting points of view.  Let´s meet some of them!

Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Our first tech guru has an astonishing career: after her bachelor’s degree in economics in Harvard, she worked at the World Bank. Later she attended Harvard Business School and worked in the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

With this strong background in economics, by the end of 2000 Sheryl Sandberg changed a bit her path but not her high profile choices and moved to Silicon Valley, where she worked for Google as  vice president of global online sales & operations for seven years. After that, she moved to Facebook, becoming its COO (Chief Operating Officer).

She has experienced the crazy tech boom at Silicon Valley from the very beginning and as one of the top executives in the United States. At Google she was responsible for managing online sales of advertising and publishing products, Google Book Search and consumer products. Nowadays, she specifically helps Facebook with the operations scaling and expansion.

She´s also writen the bestseller “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”, and founded, to support women striving to reach their ambitions. Needless to say, she´s one of the worlds most influential women in “big game” technology right now.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube

With studies in history and literature, economics and business, Susan Wojcicki seems to have the perfect balance between these two worlds, what´s maybe part of her success.

She´s now the CEO of Youtube and also part of Forbes´s World´s Most Powerful Women List. Before becoming who she is now, she was oriented to an academic professional life, that she finally switched for internet and technology, changing her life completely.

As Sandberg, Wojcicki has also worked in Google, where she was a true cornerstone. In fact, the super famous Menlo Park garage that the founders rented and started the company in, was her house´s garage. She was the nº16 employee of this tech giant and the first women in the company. At this very first stage, she was Google´s marketing director, also being the whole department herself. One of her biggest achievements in the company was creating Google Adsense.

Plus, seems that she was responsible for Google buying Youtube, the biggest video platform in the world, that she now rules, envisioning its success from its startup form.

Angela Ahrendts, Senior VP, Apple

We couldn´t end this first gaze at lead women of some of the tech giants of today without speaking about Apple and Angela Ahrendts. She´s Apple´s Senior Vice President of retail and online stores since 2014.

She came from the fashion industry, being, for instance, the former CEO at Burberry. But her connection with technology became to flourish there, as she was responsible for evolve the 150 old traditional label into a modern international brand. She made it improving customer experience on the company’s website and raising the firm’s profile with lots of video content and a greater use of social-media. Plus, she introduced Apple iPad tablets in Burberry’s stores to help the staff provide high-end retail service, one of the actions that tripled Burberry´s corporate revenue.

From that first relationship with the Cupertino brand, she´s now became one of the responsibles of it´s great customer journey experience, that she previoulsy mastered at the fashion business.

And that´s all for today, soon we´ll be back with some other amazing tech & science leading women. Stay tunned! :)

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